A Bear’s Life (2014)

Another stop-motion project I made with fellow classmate Milos Facius for one of the courses in Georgia Tech, depicting the realistic portrayal of a bear struggling to feed his family in a modern era.

This was a follow-up project to the Blue Shell and the Hare, now with bigger ambitions to demonstrate what we learned so far. Although Milos and I worked pretty well together and were already familiar with the stop-motion process, technical issues became a rather nasty roadblock and the final quality was unfortunately compromised as a result. Nonetheless, the final work itself came out to our liking and turned out to be an enjoyable experience.

The animation was inspired by Justin Smith’s 2009 video game Enviro-Bear 2000, which involved car-driving bears trying to grab and eat food before hibernating. The humorous concept stuck with me throughout the years, and I believed that emulating its gameplay provided a suitable translation towards stop-motion style.

Below are some pre-production sketches:

I decided to include both the original and final storyboards to detail the changes the project went through, along with a few cut content.

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