Blue Shell and the Hare (2014)

A short stop-motion project I made for one of my courses in Georgia Tech, detailing the classic tale of the Tortoise and the Hare, except with a twist.

The blue shell itself refers to a power-up item found in a racing video game series Mario Kart, which attacks whoever is in first place for significant damage, usually resulting in loss of lead. Although the appearance varied from game to game, the nigh-inescapable nature of the attack remained the same, becoming an iconic status within the racing genre.

Below are some pre-production sketches:

Prior to filming, I created the characters, background scenery, and storyboard to understand the key moments and movement of each characters in each shots. Next, I determined the number of frames needed to achieve the required time limit with different framerates, the materials required, and number of stop-motion parts that will be used in the filming.

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