This I Believe (2016)

Another audio recording for the same course, this time emulating National Public Radio’s This I Believe audio essays, describing what I believe in and how my expectations and actual outcomes helped shape how I interpret the meaning of life.

The recording can be listened to through this link, along with transcript below:

I believe in the modularity of life.

Take lego bricks for example. They played a key role in many childhoods across the world, including my own. They are found everywhere, perfectly consistent, and individually serve as building blocks for something much bigger.

It is up to us to decide how to piece them together to bring our dreams to life. They can become practically anything we can think of, and is only limited by our imagination and the number and types of bricks in our possession.

I routinely experimented with legos as a child, constructing one piece and then dismantling it in order to build something else. I thoroughly enjoyed discovering many ways of using and reusing the same lego pieces in order to construct different masterpieces.

I enjoyed it so much that I never followed through the assembly guide that commonly came with the themed lego building sets. Although the resulting work was often chaotic with mismatched colors and other design inconsistencies, mixing and matching different sets and themes allowed me to become my own architect, creating something entirely unique and original.

My experiences of using lego bricks as a child played a significant influence on how I handled real-life challenges as I grew older, teaching me to be resourceful and take life one step at a time.

Instruction and assembly manuals guide us on how the bricks can be joined together to construct and complete the set they have organized for us. The harmonious construction with matching colors, style, and theme makes the whole piece pleasing to look at.

However, there are no instruction manuals for real-life problems, and experimenting with lego pieces to construct our own creations teaches us the value of thinking for ourselves, experimentation, and discovering multiple ways of handling a challenge.

Everything we experience in our life is achieved through many smaller events coming together to form a bigger moment. Everything is made up of smaller parts that piece together to form a grand monument expressing our creativity, and it is crucial to become familiar with how each individual part works in relation to each other in order to handle complex issues we inevitably come across throughout our lives.

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