Water Ripple Animation

This short animation was the outcome of following this tutorial on Youtube. I must say that it was very easy to follow and I had great experience with it, and I’m looking forward to trying out other tutorials the channel had posted, or making my own animations based off of what I learned. There’s just so many great resources that are available today that I could have never imagined ten years ago!

I’ve had some exposure to 3D modeling throughout my college courses and undergraduate research, but I never did get an opportunity to create a full scene by myself, as they were all group projects with each part assigned to certain people. I was usually the artist that came up with concept art, textures, and storyboards and used 3D modeling programs mainly to complete my particular field of responsibilities, which involved giving feedback to 3D models based on my artwork, how the scene lines up with storyboard, and applying textures to existing models.

Although this animation isn’t exactly 3D modeling, the process and outcome themselves were no less satisfying and I enjoyed watching everything come togethereven if it was something as simple as this. The rendering itself took far longer than following through the entire tutorial, taking around 8 hours to render all 150 images at 1280 x 720 pixel resolution. I’m familiar with parallel rendering when it comes to feature-length 3D animations, but watching my high-performance desktop struggle to render each image puts into perspective just how important render farms can be when it comes to efficiency and deadlines.

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