3D Modeling Progress: Donuts


I have been recently following Blender Guru’s tutorials on basic modeling for Blender, starting with the quintessential dessert of humanity ever since someone discovered that poking holes in a cake made holding it by hand vastly easier.

The image at the top has been the final output after following through the donut modeling tutorial, which taught me a great deal about the basics of modeling, proportional editing, particle system, composition, and lighting.

Here are some progress images leading up to the final product:


The humble beginning of the donut, with the basic glazing and a little glowing halo which I found fitting with the divine-like presence exhibited from the Simpsons.


Progress render, now including a mug, plate, table, and sprinkles. The blue wall was later replaced with bright yellow to accompany the warm morning lighting effect. Some of the sprinkle colors were also removed in the final render in order to better fit the color composition.


An extra render I made after completing the tutorial, returning to the halo effect from the beginning. Again, sprinkle colors were changed accordingly to fit the color composition, and removed the mug to focus the image attention entirely on the dessert aspect.

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