Short Cutscene Edit

A custom cutscene I’ve made for Ace Combat Infinity gameplay video, an arcade combat flight simulator game for Playstation 3. The final outcome and complete video can be found through this link.

For comparison, here is the original cutscene that I based the edit from:

I used various in-game screenshots and scenes to create my own transition, with Adobe Photoshop to create the static graphics and Premiere Pro to animate them across the pre-recorded screen.

Although execution was simple, the planning and process was a little more complicated. I had to get creative with various limitations the game had in regards to content creation, particularly with complete absence of extensive replay system that was part of every previous major titles in the series, which restricted what game resources I could acquire and have control over.

Quox edit still frame
A still frame of the second shot, where some imperfections can be seen in how the aircraft and afterburner effect is merged together.

The aircraft in the second shot was cropped from a screenshot and loosely combined with afterburner effect acquired separately from another screenshot. Although not perfect, the speed of the image movement left comfortable margin of error, as long as the general shape of the aircraft easy to identify.

The last moving image was used to seamlessly transition the shot to the official in-game cutscene. The custom scene’s vignetting and lighting effects were also made to match with those from the said cutscene, ensuring smooth consistency across all shot transitions.

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