About Me

I was born in South Korea on 1992. Since then my family moved to Canada on 2000, and down to the United States on 2005, where I continue to live this day after graduating from Georgia Institute of Technology on 2016.

Despite the culture shocks of living in different countries, they provided memories that resulted in a rather mixed-bag perspective towards life. Many would consider that Canada and America are very much alike in terms of living experience, and I am also strongly inclined to agree, but the subject of milk coming in plastic bags has often served as my main ice-breaker in conversations with great success. There are some things that can only be understood by living there, not just visiting.

I also drew very much throughout my childhood, and was inspired to take it to the next level when I discovered the internet and saw what other artists were capable of producing. My exposure to various internet communities served as an eye-opener for many more opportunities that existed. And the best part of it all? The professional resources were available right on my monitor.

As such, I explored various tools that others used. It initially started with Adobe Photoshop and learning how to create digital art, and then spread towards creating websites, making videos, modeling 3D objects, and programming games. Although I do not by any means call myself proficient in all of them, I learned to become self-reliant when it came to problem-solving—there are always resources and people willing to help. However, I also understood that patience and dedication from my part was also needed in order to put that help to good use.

I always sought to become part of that same community dedicated towards helping others and working together.