Custom Emblems

The two emblems were drawn for Ace Combat-related content, featuring mascot characters from Ace Combat Infinity. The yellow emblem was done back in early 2016 and the pink one was drawn in late 2017. I wanted to reflect the designs of official emblems that were introduced in the game, and the text refers to game-related … More Custom Emblems

Video End Card

I started creating a custom end card for my recent video uploads, reproducing the system graphic shown by one of the Ace Combat Infinity cutscenes, shown below: I used Photoshop to create the basic shapes and then used After Effects to create the animation and glow effects. The base animation was then used as an … More Video End Card

Preview Thumbnail for Ace Combat Infinity Videos

I started adding custom preview thumbnails for recent video uploads on Youtube, making heavy use of image cropping, color correction, and brushwork to create a collage that emulates Ace Combat Infinity’s visual style. The spare space in the upper half of the image would be used to insert the necessary text large enough to be … More Preview Thumbnail for Ace Combat Infinity Videos

Ellis Island Concept Art (2012)

During college I participated in undergraduate research Emergent Game Group {egg}, a group dedicated towards design research, exploring design strategies that promote emergent social behavior in interactive social media platforms involving virtual space, primarily multiplayer video games. I was assigned to Ellis Island, a massively multiplayer online educational game set in New York City during … More Ellis Island Concept Art (2012)

Blast Off Your Mind (2016)

As a child, I often drew pictures that combined several unrelated genres together—machines against dragons, science against magic, anything that would not necessarily belong together in conventional storytelling. But I believe that makes unconventional storytelling all that much appealing to audience wanting to find a fresh perspective. I wanted to express that sentiment within this … More Blast Off Your Mind (2016)

Technical Narrative (2016)

A data visualization made for health-related topic involving the lack of healthy eating options in Georgia, areas termed as food deserts. The visualization was also accompanied with an audio recording emulating National Public Radio’s All Things Considered broadcasts, with my focus towards social commentary. The recording can be listened to through this link, along with … More Technical Narrative (2016)

Technical Communication (2015)

This illustration was a product of studying civic engagement for professional writing and communication skills development, investigating practical problems across various a range of subjects. The following infographic outlines the safety issues faced by Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) and the possible solution proposed by our particular team.